Mar. 14, 2020

Melanin’s Glory

Melanin’s Glory

I love the word black
I love the word brown
I love the word tan
Even high yellow will make me turn around
I love that a few drops of melanin can cause one such beauty
More drops of melanin will make one’s ebony shine
Melanin is rich beyond one’s belief
Because melanin brings the body some relief
The rays of the sun release such power
Your melanin content places you high in God’s tower
So be you chocolate, mocha, or tan
Thank the one up above for that skin glowing power
In closing I say I love skin colors
From fair to the darkest hue
As long as you have some degree of melanin in you
You see melanin greatness is unparalleled
Melanin’s glory is God’s greatest story


15.03.2020 19:06

Charles Davis

Love this, my brother! OLE’