Mar. 12, 2020

Such A Beauty, Such A Talent, A True Icon Lorraine Hansberry

March 11, 1959, 61 years ago on Broadway the most successful play featuring an all black cast opened, A Raisin In The Sun. It introduced to the New York audience names such as Ruby Dee, Claudia McNeil and Sidney Poitier but the most important name was the young playwright who authored this work of incredible art, Lorraine Hansberry. Lorraine Hansberry was such a beautiful and dazzling​ talent taken from us way too soon. She was much more than a raisin in the sun. Lorraine Hansberry was an advocate for justice.

Today, I look back to 2016 when I read words from Ms. Hansberry. This powerful woman who faced down the Attorney General Of The United States Robert Kennedy. Lorraine lived for a very short time but her impact on this nation was tremendous. Let’s celebrate Lorraine Hansberry today on my blog. Since school buildings are closing all across the country due to the corona virus please direct your young ones to this blog for learning of our magnificent black history.