Mar. 9, 2020

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To fully recover after pneumonia, the person should abandon bad habits, clearly follow the recommendations of your physician and lead a proper lifestyle. Is to use drugs that liquefy phlegm. Expectorants will help flush out fluids and mucus and facilitate expectoration. Your doctor may prescribe more acetaminophen or ibuprofen, these drugs the patient will not feel pain, and reduced fever. In pneumonia it is not necessary to use drugs that suppress the cough, if you do not have permission from the doctor.

sobludenie pravilnogo pitaniya posle pnevmonii
If you have cured the pneumonia, then think about a healthy lifestyle. Patients should sleep at least 8 hours. In the sleep room should be warm, and it certainly needs to be aired. After you've visited public places, do not forget to wash your hands and do not touch hands to nose, eyes.

To restore the immune system after pneumonia, it took some time to sit on a healthy balanced diet. To enhance the immunity would be useful vegetables, with dark leafy green and fruit yellow, orange colors. They are useful, because in its composition are vitamins C, E, antioxidants, beta-carotene.

Even after the patient recovers, he should not drink alcoholic beverages because they hinder the cleansing of the lungs and decreases the cough reflex. Because alcohol bioavailability of drugs is reduced, and in combination with alcohol certain medicines can cause serious side effects.

The most important thing after pneumonia is to stop Smoking. The blood must be oxygenated, and then begin the healing process. If the person continues to smoke, his recovery will be long. All strength after the pneumonia, are directed to strengthen the body. But smokers are undermining your immune system.