Mar. 6, 2020

A Simple Sunday In Selma

A Simple Sunday In Selma

Sunday morning in Selma
Flowers blooming
Spring is looming
While on the bridge
On that same Sunday
Sunday’s bloom was a black man’s gloom
Jim Clark wanted to fill cemetery tombs
Men on horses chasing black men and women racing
Lives in danger
For the black people equality is a stranger
Billy clubs slamming
Alabama injustice is damning
On that bridge in Selma
Still waiting
White People still hating
Racism and hatred are dating
On that bridge in Selma
Black blood is flowing
Alabama’s police are mowing black people on that bridge in Selma
It’s a simple Sunday day in Selma



08.03.2021 10:52

Marshall Abraham

Do you think have lived, experienced and reading, thinking, feeling, could really lead to having a nervous Breakdown? I understand our young people should learn their history but for people who have L