Mar. 4, 2020

TWO MUSKET BALLS IN THE CHEST FROM 5/5 TO 3/5 The Story Of Crispus Attucks

March 5, 1770
Ready, Aim, Fire, British muskets balls hurtling through the Boston city streets striking down rebellious citizens of a British colony. The very first person taken down on that day was a Blackman, Crispus Attucks, who took two muskets balls to the chest on that uprising 250 years ago today. Ancestor Attucks died on the streets of Boston knowing that he no longer wanted to be a subject of an oppressive monarchy. His ultimate sacrifice was the initial blow in this nation’s fight for independence in what came to be known as the Boston Massacre. Crispus Attucks gave his life understanding that he was 5/5 a man willing to face down armed British soldiers within no more than rocks, and chunks of ice. Why? Because he believed that in the hotbed of revolutionary talk . There was something worth fighting for a chance to have control of his life. Crispus Attucks wasn’t a slave he was a freeman. After America secured it’s freedom in 1781. By 1787, men, women, and children of similar skin color as Crispus Attucks were no longer considered human. They were now chattel, property, capable of being owned in perpetually. Crispus Attucks died 5/5 a man only to become 3/5 property. One must wonder if Mr. Attucks would’ve been on those streets if he could’ve forecasted the future?