Feb. 27, 2020

The Devilish Statues Being Removed Doesn’t Mean The Struggle Is Won

Don't get it twisted. If you think that power broking white supremacists really give a damn about taking down the archaic civil war statutes that were so prominent in southern cities and towns, you are kidding yourself. We cannot continue to be so damn gullible. It's ridiculous that anyone in our black communities really think white power structure really cares about those old civil war relics. Those statues served there purpose and now the game has changed. The controlling aspects of media and communications promote the ideals of white supremacy for those agents of white supremacy.

The primary objective has and will always be the domination of the colored race by the white race in this nation.They have always felt that this country of America is their sacred land of devilment. The land was stolen by their white forefathers from black and red people and no other race shall impede on that privilege​ of stolen ownership. They only care about maintaining white supremacy and they will do everything, and anything necessary to ensure the position of dominance. America is so ingrained with prejudice institutionally, and socially​ that those powers will continue divert and deceive the public just as long as it serves the needs of their ultimate objective, statues are no statues.

So, as move towards the end of the month let me revisit my creative piece from 2017 regarding the removal of racist statues, and the irrelevance of there removal towards erasing the plague of racism in this nation.