Feb. 26, 2020

Remember Wyatt Outlaw A Black Man Victimized By White Supremacy

In Henderson, North Carolina on February 26, 1870, 150 years ago today, the state Of North Carolina reared it’s ugly racist face again. Today, the state of North Carolina may house 2 of the elite college basketball programs in the nation, universities whose rosters are filled to the absolute brim with African American 4 and 5 stars players who were chosen to represent not only the universities by also the state. Well, 150 years ago Wyatt Outlaw maybe a direct descendant of one of those basketball stars was hung by his neck until he was dead. His only crime was Wyatt Outlaw happened to be a black man seeking a better life for him and his family. You see, Wyatt Outlaw believed that the United States Constitution was meant to guarantee him certain unalienable rights of citizenship. However, that white mob that confronted Wyatt Outlaw in Henderson that day felt quite differently. That white mob felt that same United States Constitution gave them the right to viciously snuff out the life of Wyatt Outlaw simply because of the color of his skin. So, today I ask this question during Black History Month. Do you know the name Wyatt Outlaw? If not you should. Remember the name because if you don’t who of another color will? Just 18 years before the city of Wilmington, North Carolina’s white plotted, killed, and forced out of the city of black man of influence in 1898. When the Blue Devils and Tar Heels play basketball in arenas filled with white during the month of February think about the atrocities of 1870 and 1898? What do you think? I think it’s too hidden in carpet of historical ignorance. Today I remember Wyatt Outlaw, a warrior and a man who should’ve been allowed to flourish.