Feb. 24, 2020

Black History Edgar Daniel Nixon Do You Know The Name? You Should

“I once told a tale about a young man who had a basket full of puppies. He was going down the street trying to sell them and he stopped at a lady’s house and asked her, ‘Madam, would you like to have a puppy?’ She asked, ‘How much are they?’ ‘Twenty-five cents.’ She looked at them and said, ‘They beautiful, but no. I reckon not.’
“So he went home and the next morning the woman called and said, ‘Son, have you got any more of those puppies?’ ‘Yes, mmm.’ She said, ‘How much did you say they are?’ ‘Fifty cents.’ She said, ‘Why are they 50 cents today when yesterday you said they were a quarter?’ He said, “Their eyes are open.” So the gist of the story is the Negro in the South will not be sold for a quarter anymore. The eyes of southern black peoples are now wide open.” ​

E.D. Nixon was the originator​ of the ​Montgomery Alabama 1955-1956 Bus Boycott. He was the founding force behind the organization The Montgomery Improvement Association. While others may have received the plateaus​. It was the vision of E.D. Nixon who served the citizens up with the plan of boycotting the municipal buses of Montgomery, Alabama. It was E.D. Nixon who choose Rosa Parks as the person to stand behind as once she refused to relinquish her seat on the bus on December 1, 1955. It was E.D. Nixon who​ called the ministers to get their support for the mass meeting that was held on December 5, 1955. One thing that I wish Dr. Martin Luther King Jr had done was to allow E.D. Nixon to travel with him to Oslo, Norway when he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

In history, the name E.D. Nixon isn't well known but in reality, our civil rights history would've been quite different had not E.D. Nixon not been in Montgomery, Alabama fighting for the rights of black people. When the 10th anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott was celebrated in 1965 the city leaders, the civil rights leaders didn't invite E.D. Nixon to participate. That was an enormous mistake, one that never should have occurred. However, today The Black Blogger celebrates the life accomplishments of Edgar Daniel Nixon this month that shines a light on historic figures of black history.


25.02.2020 15:26

Lavette Wright

"They're eyes are open!" The movie about the boycott shows his courage and determination.