Feb. 23, 2020

Bea Smith Resting Well Now In Eternal Peace

Bea Smith died today, and many people should know that Bea Smith suffered from Alzheimer’s brain disease. She was suffering one of the worst diseases ever because Bea Smith couldn’t remember any of her many life accomplishments. This brain disease is so horrendous and tragic. So, in a way I am happy that she finally went to her final resting place. Bea Smith leaving this life for her heavenly destination was truly a blessing.

It is my hope that soul and spirit that exited Bea Smith’s vessel today took with them all those memories of grace and goodness that embodied her life before she succumbed to this disease. Bea Smith had the prime location at Union Station in Washington DC for her restaurant. I’ve eaten there many times because my business clients loved not only the food but the ambiance that location delivered. My favorite meal was always the blackened trout, collard greens, twice baked potatoes and carrot cake.

Bea Smith’s husband never left her side as we learned in a 60 Minute expose on her illness and the life struggles Bea Smith faced. We know also that Bea Smith caused a panic when she was lost in NYC a few years back. If anyone knows and has an understanding of her disease. Those who mourn should know not only of her suffering but also the suffering of her family and friends as well. Rest In Peace Mrs Smith and I will remember when you graced my table many years ago and made me feel so special. You the Bea Smith before the illness ravaged her brain made everyone near her feel special.