Feb. 22, 2020

Thinking Out Loud And Damn Sure Proud

Provoking Thoughts Political Awareness Real Deal Awakenings The last five of six posts on my blog focused on Vernon Johns, Ella Baker, Robert Smalls, Malcolm X, and Amira Baraka. So, please don’t think I am foolish enough to fall for Michael Bloomberg’s deceptions. I am just a little too conscious for that foolishness. Also, just because I cannot support Bloomberg doesn’t mean I’ll jump on Donald Trump’s wagon either. I am looking for real means to a better end for our black communities. I am seriously looking for race answers over crappy party promises never fulfilled. The democrats have failed black people and the republicans have adapted to think they can ignore black people. Where do we go from here chaos or community? I choose communities that unite and demand substantive change. If you don’t bring that change to the table our votes cannot be assumed any longer. The real issue is that Michael Bloomberg is never going to be leading the Democrat’s ticket in November 2020.