Feb. 22, 2020

Ella Baker, Her Life Works Were "Supernatural"

Whether Ella Baker was working for labor interests, NAACP concerns, SCLC issues, or expanding the minds of the young brothers and sisters at SNCC. Ella Baker was supernatural in so many ways. Born and died on December 13, those 83 years in between were by anyone's standard full of defiance and power.

Ella Baker had a supernatural sense of belief in the power of group dynamics over individual leadership. That’s why Ella Baker spent her life working so hard to develop strong organizations that were capable of building black unification and black political, civil, and social progress. From the Tidewater area where she was born to the hamlets and molehills of the Mississippi Black Delta to the urban cities the name Ella Baker should resonate with everyone today. Ella Baker never had a child but Ella Baker birthed many a movement with her determination and strength of will and wisdom. Who do I respect more than Ella Baker? No one because Ella Baker never allowed her sense of individuality overlap the sense of group accomplishment. Ella Baker was indeed supernatural.