Feb. 22, 2020

Looking At A True Black Hero Robert Smalls


Why not read a real story or learn some actual real deal history about an actual black hero in the flesh. Robert Smalls risked everything for his family, he put his life on the line facing a confederate navy just to secure their and his freedom. Robert Small determined that he would rather die than live a life chained to slavery.

Robert Smalls rose from slavery to be one of very few black men to serve in Congress during Reconstruction, Robert Smalls who commandeered The Planter a confederate ship he worked on as a slave. He piloted that ship through treacherous confederate waters and delivered it to Union Navy outside of the city of Charleston, South Carolina.

Robert Smalls also purchased the home of his former master in Charleston, South Carolina. Robert Smalls served in Congress and never stopped working for the rights of absolute citizenship for blacks in this nation. So I only ask that you read some of your magnificent black history rather than having your eyes glued to TMZ, or watching media driven trash about the fake lives of created black folks. You see truth is hidden while fantasy is available.

Our ancestors were powerful but many of their accomplishments and heroic deeds are covered up. The media and entertainment is driven to divert you subconsciously from thinking you are capable of doing incredible feats like Robert Smalls performed. However, you see there is a little Robert Smalls in every black person in this nation. You simply need to awaken from your slumber and rise up in power.