Feb. 18, 2020

Presidential Pardons Trump’s Possible Road To Winning Key Battleground States

Political Thought
Presidential Pardons

I see where Trump is handing out federal presidential pardons today to a few of his buddies. It got me to wondering if Donald Trump pardoned the following black folks. How much the needle would move in the black communities in terms of getting Trump additional support? Remember he only needs about 20-25% of the black vote in those battleground states to ensure his re-election.

Kwame Kilpatrick
Mumia Adu-Jamal
Marcus Garvey
Assata Shakur
Veronza Bowers
Fred Burton

Just to start on this post all of these prisoners were or are identified as political prisoners. Besides Marcus Garvey all are at the later stages of their lives. Except for Kwame Kilpatrick who resided in the key battleground state of Michigan. This is my question meant to provoke thought. It is not intended to be an endorsement of Donald Trump. I am simply analyzing a situation regarding presidential pardons and the possible effect on the 2020 election. I don’t think it will happen but who knows how this man thinks? I certainly don’t. If Donald Trump released these individuals whom also reside in key battleground states do you think it would secure his re-election?