Feb. 18, 2020

Before Martin, Malcolm, and Medgar There Was Vernon Johns Setting The Stage In Montgomery Alabama

Before a 26-year-old Baptist minister with a PHD just secured from Boston University took over the congregation at Dexter Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. There was a minister at that same church who shook the foundations of that edifice with such a force that he was literally run out of the city.

Vernon Johns, was the minister at Dexter Avenue Church before Martin Luther King to over the church. Reverent Johns was a remarkable man of faith. He also was an ardent and passionate defender in the battle against white supremacy and southern oppression of black citizens.

He faced head-on, fearless, defiant, and determined the forces of evil that made life so miserable for blacks in Montgomery, Alabama. You might say Vernon Johns set the table for the direct action battle for equal rights that was to start within a few years after he was disposed by the deacons and trustees of the church. He was simply too demanding of change for those who sought to avoid it. So, today travel with me as I teach a mini lesson on Vernon Johns this 18th day Of February 2020. Please click on my blog link.

The Blackman's Blog salutes the awesomeness of Reverend Vernon Johns who stood strong against oppression and bigotry when others whimpered and hid. I know not many of the past two generations may have heard of Reverend Johns but he was a pit bull for justice and tenacious fighter for black rights. The sermon they are killing negroes shocked and inspired action. Vernon Johns set the stage for the action of December 5, 1955. If anyone deserves a huge statue for recognition of his fearlessness it is Vernon Johns. On my blog as I recognize and remember The Montgomery Bus Boycott I cannot nor will not forget the amazing Reverend Vernon Johns.