Feb. 16, 2020

We Need More Than I Voted Sticker

We need to create a national delegation of African Americans to go the both the Democratic and Republican Conventions to present a list of demands to their platform committees. The party that meets or agrees to the majority of our demands gets our political support. It’s way pass time when we have pledged allegiance to any party without getting some significant benefits from the parties of our choice. Our ancestors pledged allegiance once in significant numbers to the Republican Party because it was the party that was in power during our emancipation. When the Republicans refused to end the oppressive conditions of a Jim Crowed South and move forced mass migrations from the southern states. We as a people moved to the Democratic Party in the urban areas of the east, west and north. Now, we need to force that Democratic Party which passed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Bills of the 60s’ to provide true actionable changes in terms of economic strength to our failing cities. We cannot simply get a sticker for voting while the steel cells continue to be filled with young black men. The hope of many of our young is either extinguished, delayed, or killed long before it should be. The real deal is that as William Monroe Trotter attempted to incite was the philosophy of true political independence. We must begin truly to vote race over party. We cannot be continued to be taken advantage of. I, nor the majority of my black community residents want the true benefits due us, 400 years of oppression is simply far too much time of waiting.