Feb. 2, 2020

Mary Johnson, Why She Was Released?

Interesting that Trump’s first 30 second commercial referenced Alice Johnson’s early release from prison a direct ploy to drive the black voters to his side. Understand this if Trump is able to gain 20% of the black voters, he will win the general election. He also is attacking subliminally Mike Bloomberg and Joe Biden at the same time. Bloomberg for his stop and frisk policy and Biden for his wholehearted support of the Clinton Administration’s 2994 Crime Bill that was been linked specifically to mass incarceration by Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow In The Age Of Mass Incarceration. Whomever put the initial commercial together should be complimented by Donald Trump. It’s hard for Biden or Bloomberg to counteract any mention of criminal reform due to their aggressive incarceration policies towards people of color especially blacks. You had better believe that the Alice Johnson commercial will be repeated in the key battleground states. In addition, Alice Johnson will most likely to spotlighted at the Republican National Convention. How can you fight her statement I’m free because of President Trump? Especially when Biden and Bloomberg have been connected to criminal justice policies presumed unjust. Interesting strategy because Trump was never a public policy maker before he ran for President in 2016. Now you know why Trump released Mary Johnson to reach his percentage of black voters in 2020.