Feb. 2, 2020

Age Is More Than Number When Everyone Is 7 Decades Old

This is a democratic presidential election is one in which every aged politicians now wants vie for a chance to oppose another aged politician in November 2020. Now a 76 year John Kerry May want to join the parade of candidates. The ages of every prominent candidate is either way pass 70 or in the early 70s’. Why can’t we get a 40 or early 50 something candidate to be a serious contender. Why can’t we get someone truly invested in a new frontier rather than the stale status quo? America needs a new frontier candidate willing to truly be willing to tell the truth to the America public. This nation is traveling down a troubling road and unless it takes a bypass on the intersection of real change. It will get far more terrible before it gets better. We need a new frontier not the old ideas that got us screwed up. As we are right now. Maybe that new frontier idea will expel those ratchet politicians who are serving in Congress and the Senate right now. I know that this and the last generations needs to have a real new frontier candidate to fix the problems created by the previous generations who have abused this nation for the cost of chasing profits.