Feb. 1, 2020

Thoughts On Black History Today

Oh, by the way, it's another Black History Month 2020. I have seen 44 Black History Months in my lifetime. Before, 1976 Carter G. Woodson’s Negro History Week was the opportunity to elevate our prominent black historical figures in our communities across the nation. The evolution from Negro History Week to Black History Month was a transformation from the term negro to black and the expansion of black excellence in our communities. Now the elevation should be from black excellence to uncovering the oppression and injustice to ensure that our ancestors pain is never forgotten. In order to have any chance of receiving any reparations from this nation these incidents of race oppression and race terror must be revealed.

That’s why it is so important to have our younger generations of black children remember their black history. The need is to ensure that our younger children fully comprehend that black history never be a black mystery in our communities. At my blog, www.joesmokethoughts.com, black history is an everyday thing of black excellence and recognition of black history. Its a culmination of the many moments that have secured our presence in this nation today. Those historical experiences that are recorded by the deeds of those known and unknown ancestors to our cherished past. Those ancestors who traveled the hardened roads and bled the blood of sacrifice and gained the fruits of whatever liberties we have today.

I love my black heritage and so should every person in this country, no their race or creed. You and I need to celebrate it continuously not just when you and I are told to by a calendar. So, let us inspire our youths of today and tomorrow to spotlight our own black history and never let it become a black mystery. In addition, there should be no color line in history in 2020. I believe that there should however be an ACHIEVEMENT LINE and our ancestors achievements are pretty damn impressive and majestic. However, it’s imperative not to allow the oppression and injustice to be covered up no matter how vicious and terroristic the event. So, enjoy the month of knowledge and I hope you gain a stronger understanding and perspective of the journey of your black ancestors.