Jan. 27, 2020


In 1994 Kweisi Mfume was the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. Mfume also supported the draconian 1994 Crime Bill that was authored by the Democratic President Bill Clinton. This bill eventually lead to the mass incarceration of black men across the country. The impact of that bill is still being felt today. How many black families were destroyed nationwide due mass incarceration? My question is simply this, if black communities are not giving Joe Biden a pass for his support of the bill. Why does Mfume get a pass? Mfume was in a leadership position and he certainly could’ve been instrumental in stopping this legislation in the House.

If I was living in Baltimore right now, although I went to Morgan State University with Mr. Mfume. I simply couldn’t support his candidacy to replace the late Elijah Cummings. That affirmative vote for the 1994 Crime Bill should be held against him. Add that to the incidents that occurred while Mfume was President of the NAACP. It would seemingly disqualify Mfume to have another shot in Congress in 2020.

However, since most Baltimore voters are not conscious of the historical negativity related to the 1994 Crime Bill. Mfume’s name recognition will most likely draw a higher percentage of voters to support him. Think before you vote and then consider the impact that 1994 Crime Bill had on our black communities across the country. Do you think a supporter of that bill deserves your black vote?