Jan. 26, 2020

In A Blink Of An Eye

In a blink of an eye, you can become society’s memory.
Rest In Peace
Kobe Bryant
Compassion and strength
To all of the people who loved and depended on you.
Your passion and desire to excel may have been extinguished on a California hillside this morning
But the wins and records you achieved on the basketball courts across the globe will live on for infinity
The girls that Vanessa and you born into this world will create the lasting imprint of your love of family.
Learning that your oldest daughter died with you is so disheartening
It makes the darkening despair of family and friends all the more desperate
But joy comes in morning and light of the sun still shines bright
In someway our mighty God will make this right
Fame maybe fleeting for it because it was never meant to last forever
Life maybe shorten by circumstances beyond our control
But one thing is undeniable was you, Kobe Bryant bottled up all your life into a bottle and shared it with the world
For that we can all be thankful
That this planet was graced by your presence
Rest In Peace
Rest in Grace
Know that not many in this world could maintain your pace.
In a blink of an eye
Less than one half a ring around that old tree
You are gone forever more now only videos and old captured box scores
See you later my brother
Rest in Power and Glory
Kobe Bryant 8/23/78- 1/26/2020