Jan. 25, 2020


I just binge watched the Netflix documentary PANDEMIC. I wonder why our government spends so much money on military armaments? When the most elusive enemies are viral contingents that are capable of erasing millions of human lives in one swell swoop. We spend the cost of 1/2 a battleship on battling these viral enemies of mass human destruction. As the earth continues to warm up viral pathogens that have been frozen and forgotten for thousands of years are about to be a real threat to humanity’s existence. While we do have scientists creating vaccines for strains of influenza as far back as 1934. I wonder who is investing funds in battling those pathogens that may be thousands of years old? Because they are coming and birds that currently carry today’s viral weapons will be the delivery mechanism for those viruses. I cannot imagine a virus strain killing 100’s of millions of humans but it is extremely possible. It is the price mankind may pay for the destruction of the environment and global warming that is melting the polar caps. I simply am frightened by the enormity of this potentially lethal enemy so microscopically small but more dangerous than any fleet of armed battleships. Everyone needs to understand the dangers of a viral attack on mankind that could wipe out 20% of humanity in one season of death and destruction. It’s the most scary reality show that is real germs that are waiting in the hidden corners of the globe waiting to attack us without warning.