Jan. 20, 2020


The Radical King was detested by 75% of the national polls taken prior to his murder. His voice was ignored by both young and older members of the black communities as well more than 80% of the white communities, his stance on the War, Wealth Redistribution and the nation’s love of materialism were not popular nor accepted. His opposition to a sitting President who signed both the 1964 and 1965 Civil and Voting Rights Bills were contentious to the NACCP, CORE, and the URBAN LEAGUE as well as many members of the SCLC. He had lost the support of the younger members SNCC many of whom had transitioned to the Black Panther Party. The northern whites were tired of black issues and felt King should’ve been satisfied. The Radical King asked this question in his final book Chaos or Community? We still had yet to give Dr King a definitive answer.