Jan. 14, 2020

Where Is That Promised Land?

So many in our black communities are intellectually, morally, spiritually, and mentally bankrupt. It is difficult phase we are in right now. The phase of discontentment with direct action or even a semblance of action against those who oppress. If Dr. King were still alive he would say that our black communities have chosen chaos over unity. Dr. King would ask that every community identity a multitude of individuals with the drum major instinct. Dr. King would ask our black communities to choose realistic group progress over individual material growth. Dr. King would ask that each of our elected representatives whether on a municipal, state, or federal level take an oath of dedication towards community growth.
So until those things are fixed in our black communities we're hopeless as a community. We will continue to see singular success but any real lasting success of our communities is a far off dream that King envisioned on the mountain top on April 3, 1968.