Jan. 11, 2020


Malcolm X was assassinated in 1965 at the Autobahn Coliseum in Harlem, NYC. He was eulogized by Ossie Davis as our unique black prince. He spoke directly to our communities about the concerns and issues that faced our communities. Malcolm X didn’t shade the truth because Malcolm understood that shading the truth did our communities no favor. Now fast forward 55 years and the violence that infects our black urban communities that Malcolm X foretold has come to past. Can it be related to the misunderstanding of our black history but those who have no compassion towards their brothers and sisters. Have we relegated a significant portion of our black youth to be labeled lower than dogs? The miseducation of our black youth must be corrected. We must get our black youth to comprehend and understand the honor of our black history. Malcolm X was more than a symbolic letter to be worn for the purpose of fashion. Malcolm X asked the black community to be all it can be but the journey begins with self education. So, do something really militant read a book about your history and wear that badge of honor.