Jan. 3, 2020

Reflections My Brother Ralph Marshall Hall

"Reflections on my Brother Ralph Hall this Friday afternoon. I remember when I lived with Ralph back in the early 70's we would always blast out New Year Eve for 3 Days to cover his BIRTHDAY. One Year a NFL Player from the Miami Dolphins got so blasted he left his Super Bowl Ring at the townhouse. I think he came back an got it a month later, I guess after he realized it was missing. Trying on that ring was great but my brother never had any intentions of keeping it. Man how I miss my Brother Ralph. He was absolutely my ROCK growing up. He always seemed to overcome obstacles. I always wonder what you have happened had he not gotten those extreme headaches because of injuries, or because of Agent Orange. My brother had an extremely high IQ that was way over 225+ Mensa Level they said. If he hadn't been so bored with school and if he had been challenged by white teachers who saw skin color nor intelligence level. He could’ve found a cure to something troubling society. I always thought Ralph would have been a game changer in someway. Well come to think of it my brother was a game changer because his motivational talks directed towards me drove me to reach up and believe in my own abilities. I kept one letter from my brother, he wrote it while he was incarcerated. He wrote of how proud he was that I doing well in college. He even spoke of how he when he got out of prison he would graduate with me from college. He did we both graduated in 1977. He graduated in 2 years from a 4 year university. Thanks ever so much Ralph and I will drink a glass of wine today for you and reflect on how you frove me to believe in me. Rest In Peace Ralph Hall I still miss you so much . He would have been 70 years old on January 2, 2020."

Joseph Hall