Jan. 3, 2020

January 3, 1966 Sammy Younge Jr. was murdered for trying to use an Alabama bathroom

Sammy Younge Jr. was not killed on any foreign land defeating the messengers of international hate and oppression. He wasn't killed during either of the World Wars. Nor did Sammy Younge die in Korea or Vietnam fighting the supposed red communist scourge that was threatening democracy in the Far East. Sammy Younge Jr. didn't receive a Medal of Honor, Silver Star, or the Navy Cross for his sacrifice.

Sammy Younge Jr. was murdered in cold calculated blood in the soil of the land that was supposed to be the symbol of free democracy. What was the reason for Sammy Younge Jr.'s murder? He was murdered because he simply needed to use the restroom in a Tuskegee, Alabama gas station. That's right, Sammy Younge Jr. who sacrificed his kidney while in service to his country. He was murdered on January 3, 1966, because he attempted the unthinkable in a white racist society, trying to use a whites-only restroom.

So today's tribute is the story of Sammy Younge Jr. murder. I could've chosen a black military soldier but Sammy Younge was a soldier, a soldier for justice. He represents all the other slain black soldiers murdered in this nation on the soli of their birth simply attempting to gain the citizenship and social rights promised to them by the Constitution of the United States. Still, today soldiers are being murdered and deprived of liberty, freedom, and justice some 53 years since Sammy Younge Jr.'s ultimate sacrifice.

Many of those names we know many of those names we don't know. However, it is imperative that remember that soldiers performed heroic acts of courage on the battlefields of social and civil justice. Those battlefields were named Greenwood, Selma, Chicago, Detroit,Houston, Washington, Harlem, Los Angeles, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Jackson, and many more towns nameless of the victims. Because these struggles were covered up by the injustice of white supremacy's acts of wanton violence.‚Äč We have dual veterans who defied the hate that directed at them on foreign shores and defied the hate directed at them on American shores. Dual veterans in the fight against injustice.