Jan. 3, 2020


Timelines filling up with thoughts on a impeding war with the nation of Iran. Our nation continues to send it’s killing drones all the planet to intimidate world leaders not in compliance with American foreign policies. No olive branches are being sent establishing international harmony and goodwill just multimillion dollar tools of destruction. If we built them drones they will come is the American edict to the nations that fail to stay in line. The innocents in lands far away see the killing machines in skies overhead wondering if this is their day of doom. Operators of these machines shielded by the heat of America’s power play video games with human lives like our nation’s children play innocent games of War and Thunder, Light The Skies, Let It Rain Blood and Destruction on PlayStations and X Boxes throughout this nation. We have managed to create a nation that accepts killing drones in reality because of the use of these drones in our children’s fantasy. Kill them all is the call coming from social media timelines. How dare they hate America. What has America done to them except destroy their lands, erase generations of families with the push a bottle thousands of miles away. Bullseye and that’s it another one bites the dust. Now we see edicts calling for Americans to leave a land torn senselessly by those drones of destruction. If we build them they will come unless of course our presumed new enemies have some. Then we will have America’s children wondering what’s that dark thing hovering overhead. That’s when the game changes and reality becomes insane because humanity’s destruction is hardly a game for false gamers.