Dec. 29, 2019

Political Winds Of Change

John Lewis who literally brutalized on the Edmond Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama On Bloody Sunday in 1965 just announced that he’s been diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. While I am sorry to hear of this diagnosis. I am also concerned that our black political leaders in Congress seem to stay in office far too long. Lewis is 79 years old and he should’ve retired a decade ago to along a younger Atlanta voice to replace him. Now we are going to see Lewis undergo cancer treatment while remaining in office. Why didn’t Lewis use his congressional experience to instruct the coming generations at an HBCU for the past decade? I am going to say the same thing about Maxine Waters as well. Having a Maxine Waters at a HBCU like Prairie View,or Spelman, having John Lewis at Morehouse, or at Alabama State or Alabama A&M, having Congressman Bobby Rush at Morgan State teaching not only about governmental policy making but activism. I mean when news like what Congressman John Lewis delivered today about his cancer prognosis. It makes me wonder how our communities can best utilize our political resources to the best of their talents. Yes, congressional seniority is important but more important to the future of our communities is the development of future leaders who are well versed in the machinations of doing our communities best work in the federal arena. I will pray that John Lewis makes a complete recovery from this cancer prognosis but I know in my heart of hearts, John Lewis and the other aging black congressional representatives have stayed too long on Capitol Hill. As we move into the decade of 2020 it is imperative that new black leaders are identified. We cannot continue to have aged congressional representatives speaking for the issues that will affect coming black generations. Get well John Lewis but while you are recovering give your seat to a younger and more powerful toned voice.