Dec. 27, 2019

Oh Mercy, Mercy Me 50 Years Later

Planet Earth has been savaged and ravaged by mankind and the signs are clear that our future life on this planet will be affected adversely by multiple generations to come. It won’t matter much how governments are maintained if the inhabitants of those nations cannot live in a sense of harmony due the the issues created by mankind’s environmental degradation. I see people still feeling unconcerned about the damage mankind has done to this planet.

The Bible says God gave man dominion over all living things. However the Bible doesn’t address what will happen when mankind’s control over living things has failed. You cannot pray your way out of the dramatic changes that are affecting our planet this very moment. Rising sea levels, catastrophic storms, massive floods and flooding, uncontrollable fires all over the planet, melting polar ice caps, extinction events that are erasing living things off the planet and still we have mankind’s ignorance of the environment. Marvin Gaye sung a song, Oh Mercy, Mercy Me and we memorized the words but ignored his message in music.

That song was sung 50 years ago. Now those 50 years has passed and if mankind doesn’t act within the next 30 or so years. It maybe too late to save what God gave man dominion over. It’s already far too late for millions of living creatures who once lived on land and sea. Soon man himself will Be threatened with its very survival and the prayers we pray we simply go unanswered because of the carelessness of man to the environment. You see the youth taking a different tack and beginning to develop a keen interest in the survival of the planet. However, the ecological movement must be fought in ever town, village, city and molehill across this nation and the world. Prayers won’t help if you are trying to say them as you are drowning in the decay of the planet.

How long will our nation’s leaders continue to close its eyes to the ecological devastation that is facing the earth globally. The earth will simply become inhabitable to millions of people and untold thousands of living things. I won’t be alive when the price of this planet damage is due but the price tag is increasing everyday.

The earth is demanding action to reverse the effects of climate change. It no longer can be ignored. The planet is demanding reparations and the price mankind will have to pay will be in the hundreds of trillions of dollars. No longer will individual wealth be the striving goal of future generations. It will be how individuals create solutions to stem the tide of ecological devastation. Oh Mercy, Mercy Me Things Ain’t What They Use To Be