Dec. 26, 2019

2020 Enough Already

“Some whites were willing if not exactly eager to push for civil rights and integration. However, just like the end of the Civil War and Black Reconstruction, white Americans in the mid to late 1960’s were thinking that black people had gotten enough already. The black communities across America had been given a Civil Rights and Voting Rights In 1964 and 1965. So just as happened after a decade of Black Reconstruction after the Civil War and passage of the Civil War Constitutional Amendments national fatigue over racial militancy in the 1960s’ was settling in. The Saturday Evening Post, published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the magazine which was as Americana as a magazine could be typified that feeling. Understand this feeling wasn’t coming from Philadelphia, Mississippi, it was coming from the supposedly liberal Northeastern region it typified the half-heartedness, hypocrisy, and bad faith of white America:

We are all, let us face it, Mississippians. We all fervently wish that the Negro problem did not exist, or that, if it must exist, it could be ignored. Confronted with the howling need for decent schools, jobs, housing, and all the other minimum rights of the American system, we will do our best, in a half-hearted way, to correct old wrongs. The hand may be extended grudgingly and patronizingly, but anyone who rejects that hand rejects his own best interests. For minimum rights are the only one we are willing to guarantee, and above these minimum rights there is and will continue to be a vast area of discrimination and inequity and unfairness, the area in which we claim the most basic right of all—the right to be stupid and prejudiced, the right to make mistakes, the right to be less and worse than we pretend, the right to be”

"1966" could this be "2020”you had better believe it. This nation refuses to recognize just how racism continues to bear the fruits of divisiveness. Until we can meet face to face with the ills caused by the color line and those on the wrong side of it we will never erase the virus that racism has caused. Way too many liberal white are complacent and ignore these issues. That’s why blacks are always agitated because complacency leads to contempt. In 2020 why can’t one candidate stand out whether he/she be black or white running for the highest office in the land and simply say enough already. We will address the National and International issue of reparations through a commission dedicated finally to solving this virus that has affected this nation for over 400 years.