Dec. 25, 2019

Harry T. Moore and Harriet Moore’s Christmas Story

On December 25, 1951, sixty-eight years ago Harry T. Moore and Harriet Moore were just laying down after celebrating not only Christmas but also their 35th wedding anniversary. Unbeknownst​ to the Moore was that purveyors of hate had placed dynamite under the floor of their bedroom. Within seconds their lives were shattered. Harry T. Moore died on Christmas Day murdered by the KKK, his wife Harriet Moore died nine days later. Today, The Blackman Who Reads Aloud goes back to a Christmas story that never should be forgotten in black communities across the country. While you are celebrating Christmas Day think about the Moore's who paid the ultimate price because they both wanted our ancestors and the children of those ancestors to have full rights as United States citizens. I will read this morning about the life and death of the Moore's as well as reading Langston Hughes' poem, Ode To Harry Moore on this day. You see our black history need never be a black mystery to our black community.

Well, ​the Moore’s they indeed stood straight when others in the communities bowed. These two magnificent black people stood tall facing the belly of the beast of hatred. They defied his power and ignored his threats. Oh, ​ I’m sure they had fear because no one wants to be murdered in cold blood. Everyone wants to live out their lives and fulfill dreams of accomplishment. No the Moore’s decided to stand tall so that others would eventually learn how to stand firm against those who oppressed. How do you think the children of the Moore’s felt now that every Christmas after that Christmas in 1951? You think they were singing joy to the world?