Dec. 24, 2019

Turning Back The Clock, One Justice At A Time

The true power of the Presidency in the wrong hands is that President's ability with the support of the United States Senate to turn back the clock on justice reform, civil rights gained by toil and blood, and the right of a woman to control their bodies. Now that Donald Trump is seemingly comfortable in knowing that current United States Senate will never convict him of any impeachable acts as proposed and passed by the House of Representative in the two Articles of Impeachment. It now becomes imperative that the only way to remove Donald Trump from office will be done by the votes not of the current majority republican senate but by the majority of votes in the ballot boxes in November 2020.

It won't be the large democratic states like California, New York, or Illinois that are going to turn this upcoming election. It will be those states that were surprise wins for Trump in 2016. States like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio take away those 64 electoral college votes and no matter if Donald Trump wins every southern state which I don't think he will because Virginia is now leaning strongly democratic. Trump cannot be reelected because the electoral map doesn't match up well for Trump. However, it isn't a certainty because the Democrats have failed to identify a strong enough candidate yet who can challenge Trump in those key battleground states. The primary elections are just around the corner. Iowa has it's caucus within 9 weeks, and New Hampshire and South Carolina are soon to follow with Super Tuesday less than 10 weeks away. Why is this election so critical? Well for one thing take a look a the federal judiciary appointments that Donald Trump has made and well make should he be reelected. The Federal Court of Appeals, Federal Judges in District Courts and the all important Supreme Court appointments. If we allow Donald Trump to select 2 replacements on the highest court in the land within the next 4 years it could have disastrous results related to turning back the clock.

Should Donald Trump and a Mitch McConnell Senate be given the opportunity to replace Justice Ginsburg would was born in 1933 and will be 87 years old in 2020, or Justice Breyer who was born in 1938 and will be 82 years old in 2020, both justices were democratic appointees. Then the Supreme Court will certainly impacted for coming generations with Donald Trump's influence with 4 appointees. If that isn't a coming of the age of turning back the clock well I just don't know what it could be. In 2016, Donald Trump MAGA Hats trumped the slogan make America great again. In many ways those who joined in the mantra wanted the days of old to return. Those days included racial injustice, economic disparity and white supremacy. If those voters in those critical battleground states don't come out for a change in the presidency in 2020. The clocks will roll back and the courts once the only institution that embattled groups could depend on. Will no longer be that safe haven for equality and justice. It will become a rubber-stamp for injustice and inequality.