Dec. 22, 2019

1,000,000 Page Views

This morning on my main blog page I reached 1,000,000 page views. This is quite an accomplishment because my online blog has been a mission that I started to keep my mind fresh while I was experiencing numerous physical ailments. It was important that I do something to avoid anxiety and depression. Although, I have experienced numerous bouts of anxiety and depression over the past 4 years. I have been able to avoid an emotional breakdown. This blog has been my creation to help the cause of spreading black historical knowledge, personal thoughts on current events, creating prose and poetry, creating imaginative images that provoked intelligent conversation and finally uplifting the cause of universal literacy. Yes, I am pleased with the progression and growth of my blog. However, it many ways it isn't my blog it belongs to my black community across the nation. I assume that the great majority of my supporters are African Americans. It is "you" who follow my blog consistently. It is you who motivate my need to commit to a daily entry of uplifting knowledge and thought.

On this December 22, 2019 as we approach a new decade, I envision more enormous potential and growth for our blog. Of course, I expend energy and mental thought in developing our blog. So I am in need of support on a monthly basis to support this endeavor. I know that what create and share on this site is worthwhile. I simply ask that if you have the ability to support my efforts I hope that you would. I am currently working towards raising $2500.00 for my work. I hope that I can identify 50 monthly subscribers who would donate $50.00 per month. That way I could supplement my social security disability check and ease financial strain on my budget. This also would allow me to begin the Florida Edition of The Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project which is the program that I have developed for Facebook Live to encourage not only universal black literacy but also universal black historical knowledge. So, again thanks for allowing us to reach this incredible goal and understand this the best is yet to come. I have accumulated more than 660 historical videos that can be accessed on the VIMEO site to enhance our blog, I have accumulated more than 100 videos on YOUTUBE that can be accessed as well to enhance our blog. Those video libraries will continue to be enhanced. I would like to have a digital footprint that will last long after I leave this world. Our black history must be protected.