Dec. 21, 2019

Ain't Going Let Nobody Turn Me Around, The Story of Bertha Gober, Herbert Lee, and Louis Allen, Who

Today as this nation continues to grapple with the issues of race and racism our black communities must have the fortitude and unwavering faith in the cause of equality as we battle against injustice. This year the 400th anniversary of the slave ship landing on the Virginia shores. This year 100 years after the Red Summer of racism and mob injustice swept the lands of this nation. I am asking that we listen and heed the words of Bertha Gober and learn of ultimate sacrifice of Herbert Lee and Louis Allen who fearlessly fought for the rights guaranteed them by the US Constitution and not let anyone turn us around.

Ain't Going Let Nobody Turn Me Around
The Story of Bertha Gober, Herbert Lee, and Louis Allen
Who Faced Fear and Became Fearless

Bertha Gober wrote this amazing song that forged those in the struggle to move forward not backward. When the slings and arrows of racial hatred and bigotry were directed at our communities every single moment of the day. Listen on my blog about the ultimate sacrifices of Hebert Lee and Louis Allen and the song written by Bertha Gober that help spawned a movement to freedom and justice; a movement we are still struggling with today.