Dec. 20, 2019

December 20, 1860 Looking Back December 20, 2019 Looking Ahead

December 20, 1860, South Carolina seceded from the Union because of one simple fact. South Carolina didn't not want to lose the privilege of maintaining the peculiar institution of slavery. This was the beginning of what would become the most fierce battle on this nation's lands. The nation was split by race in 1860 and that split would lead to the Civil War. The election of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency in 1860 was the final blow for South Carolina. Even though Abraham Lincoln didn't really want to end the institution of slavery in this nation. Lincoln simply wanted to end the future spread of slavery beyond it's current borders. Race has always been a peculiar issue in America. Dubois stated that the problem of race would continue to be the problem in this nation into the 20th Century. It seems that wherever issue that cause confrontation in this nation those primary issues reflect back to the issue of race. Ibram Kenti's book, Stamped From The Beginning discusses how race is stitched into the fabric and weaved throughout America's history from the days of the Revolutionary War up until present day. America always seems to be caught in the snare of the racism and the ills that are manifested by its power. In 1860, the issue of maintaining men, women, and children in bondage for their entire lives and the lives of coming generations was the reason for South Carolina's succession. Even though a bloody war was fought and hundreds of thousands of lives were lost the race issue was never solved. The issue of race was never completely confronted and the inequality caused by racism was simply ignored and allowed to fester. All the Civil War accomplished was the end of legalized enslavement by chains and bondage. The issue of race and racism was never confronted or eliminated. The fact is the race and racism was allowed to prosper for almost another century or more.

Now we still have a nation conflicted with the issue of race and racism. Those being confronted with the hatred and divisiveness that permeates because of race and racism are still people of color but now that color has spread across the rainbow. In fact when America should have entered a post racial period after the election of a President of the color. The actuality is that race and racism has evolved and grown more depth to those on the wrong end of the color line. The inequality gap that is manifested due to race and racism on economic and educational levels has widen. Today, we America is a nation continually split along the color line and that chasm has allowed the election of President who relishes the hate and hatred that race and racism causes. When the nation should be concentrating it's focus on solving the numerous ecological issues facing our planet. America is stuck on a revolving spinning wheel powered by race and racism. When America should be concerned with elevating the needs and wants of those without the great benefits of this society. America is pointing the finger of race and racism to those people of color in need. When America should be sharing the bounty of it's wealth, the country is driven by a small class of economically empowered people who turn of the engine of divisiveness and anger to keep the average citizen focused on those in need rather then those centered on greed.

Now December 20, 2019, 169 years from the date of South Carolina's succession from the Union. We have people in this nation talking again of civil strife. You have state legislators pondering whether its time to do what South Carolina did 169 years which lead to a Civil War between the Northern States and the Southern States. They will say it isn't about race or racism but any person with a sense of history and a sense and understanding fill comprehend that race and racism is motivating these acts and actions. So, the question is this. Has America truly moved the needle to a post racial society? No, because in order to move the needle you have to have actual conversations about the impact that race and racism has had on the American society. America has to make amends for the deprivation that race and racism has caused to those on the wrong side of the color line. Especially, African Americans who were forced into free labor situations to build this nation. African Americans who were brutalized simply because they were on the wrong side of the color line. African Americans who were prosecuted relentlessly simply because they were on the wrong side of the color line. So as we back to December 20, 1860 a date of infamy in American history. We must be form and our demand that our America, yes our America confront the issue and race and racism and make amends for the acts that were allowed in order for race and racism to prosper.


23.12.2019 12:11

AC Cage

This is the reason I say true immigration reform is not possible until the racism issue is addressed. It makes no sense to invite people in and subject them to similar atrocities.