Dec. 18, 2019

A Nation Split Donald Trump’s Gambit

This show put on by our United States Congress today shows just how divided this nation supposedly built on democracy and principles of justice have become. This slide towards disunion and disunity in this time period begin during the Clinton administration when the red dog rabid republicans came after Clinton seemingly with one conspiracy after another which culminated in Clinton’s Impeachment for perjury for lying about a sexual relationship with a White House intern. Since that time this nation’s political parties have become adversaries looking to do harm rather than doing the nation’s business of governance. Each subsequent presidential administration has been in conflict with each except for a short period of unity that evolved from the terror attacks of 9/11/2001. Even that unity was torn apart by military misadventures in the Middle East. In 2008 when the nation should’ve been celebrating the election of the first non-white male president. The very next day of Obama’s election the Republican Leadership was conspiring to bring down his presidency even before Obama put his right hand on a bible and took the oath of office. Constantly non-partisan acts flew in the face of any acts of partisan action. If Obama ever crosses any lines the republicans would threaten impeachment. The nation simply was torn apart more so now then at any other time in the nation’s history. Even more torn apart then when the nation itself was at war with itself. In 2000 an election was stolen by the Supreme Court Justices appointed by Republican President in 2016 an election was stolen by an archaic law call the Electoral College. You had better believe that the Democrats wanted revenge and thought they had it when appeared that Trump and the Russians had conspired to snatch the election from another Clinton, this time Hillary wife of the original archangel Bill Clinton. However, after months and months of investigations Robert Mueller didn’t pursue legal actions against Donald Trump. Now maybe emboldened Trump decides to go to another foreign nation to get dirt on a possible 2020 opponent Biden. This is uncovered and now no longer looking for a special prosecutor to muck up the Democratic Congress proceeds to threaten then start impeachment proceedings against another sitting President. With absolutely no possibility of partisanship this is now a case of warring parties making accusations against each other while the nation’s business of governance is neglected. Should Trump be impeached? YES! Will Trump be impeached? NO! Should the Democratic Congress censure Trump like the Senate censured Clinton? Yes! Will Trump face a censure? No! Why not? Because a Republican controlled Senate won’t allow it. So here we go a nation split apart with a general election upcoming. The nation populace is split, the nation’s government is split and there is nowhere on the horizon for this chasm to end. These impeachment proceedings will do nothing but widen the gap of disunion. I see no end to this madness. The Congress vote will be split along party lines ensuring a Senate trial but the Senate trial will be split along party lines ensuring an acquittal. The nation for the next 11 months will be so combative that it will be at a standstill. My concern is this after all the dust is Trump will be the last man standing. Why? Because Trump orchestrated this entire scenario for his benefit. That is all I can write about my feelings on impeachment this evening. My request to the Democratic Party back off because you may be playing right into Mr. Trump’s hands.


19.12.2019 19:00

Valentino Jones

These are certainly trying times for African Americans. A decided nation a a president that is giving the ok to display racism.

20.12.2019 21:00

Joseph Hall

Yes it is Valentino a trying time but when hasn't times been trying for African Americans?