Dec. 10, 2019

Lizzo’s Ass Cheeks

"America's black communities are shook up with Lizzo’s fat round cheeks on display court side for all to see ages one to eighty. What exactly is a Lizzo anyway? Are we permanently distracted? Or our minds stuck in twirling circle of cultural confusion? Some could say that Lizzo’s ass cheeks are just an illusion but wow they sure as hell caused a seismic state of social confusion. Andy Warhol envisioned 15 minutes of fame but now that claim has been put to shame. It seems social media has altered forever Warhol’s game.

All the time we're distracted by this and that which is in most cases whack. The Trump Administration is protracting away our rights. Man they reaching way back to 1866 to dehabilitate us. These cats about to snatch away rights our ancestor's struggled for, rights bathed in the blood squeezed from our ancestors bodies, rights lined and tightened by the noose man’s rope of injustice on black men, women, and children hanging limp in oak trees. While we are shook up by Lizzo’s ass cheeks waving in the winds of ignorance. I mean folks even saying Lizzo defiant, my feelings are Lizzo’s compliant, damn sure not defiant. Ella Baker was defiant, Ida Belle was defiant, Fannie Lou was defiant, Lizzo she’s just compliant.

Our black communities aren't even putting up a hard fight. Catch hold of this bit of knowledge. Did you happen to catch a glance of the white man’s sight that night. You may have noticed they didn’t give even a slight of Lizzo’s ass cheeks that night.
We had better get woke because losing hard-earned judicial rights are hardly a joke and surely you won't get them back while inhaling on that toke confused by all that mind-numbing smoke. Tell me again why y’all shook up about Lizzo’s ass cheeks?