Dec. 8, 2019

The Black Blogger "Colonel Charles Young" December 9, 1903 “Standards and Ideals of New Negrodom

I would like to take my audience back in time on JoeSmokeBlackThoughts to listen as I read the words of a speech given by a young Captain Charles Young, addressing campus students at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

This address was discussing the daily attacks that were being initiated by citizens of this nation against citizens who were also citizens through second class in so many regards to this nation as well. Captain Charles Young speech that was in direct opposition to Booker T. Washington’s philosophy of casting your buckets where you are.

Captain Charles Young was the first black captain in the armed forces of this nation. Charles Young was the first colonel in the US Army. Colonel Young commanded the Buffalo Soldiers as well. He was and is a name that our children should be taught about. If you don’t know the name don’t be disheartened because it isn’t a name that you will find in any history book primarily because of the color of skin. However the service he provided to this nation should not be ignored. He died in Lagos, Nigeria while on assignment for this nation.

Colonel Young’s remains are buried in Arlington National Cemetery.