Dec. 7, 2019

DuBois and the Black Soldier, 1919 Looking Back 100 Years

In American History, not just Black History in America, the black soldier has paid a debt to the continuation of the democracy of the United States that can never fully be repaid. Throughout every military engagements in this country; from the very first shots taken on the streets of Boston during the Revolutionary War, when Crispus Attucks was the very first person white or black to bleed for a nation, not yet born; to the last skirmish on the streets or mountainous ravine or gully of some war-torn middle-eastern nation; the American Blackman and woman has rallied to the defense of liberty and freedom. Even when freedom was being denied at home during the 2 great world wars, the battles in Korea, and in Vietnam. The Blackman has stood up against those odds to fight for Democratic ideals that were not being practiced on the home front but he elevated those principles of democracy on foreign shores.

In 1919 a century ago WEB DuBois wrote this magnificent essay in the Crisis Magazine speaking directly to the Black American soldier. Asking that he stand up against the repression and oppression that was being dished out all over this nation. Many of the words still ring true today. So, as I continue to celebrate the black experience and shine the beacon of light in the words of Dr. Dubois, and our ancestors who fought for world freedom; while being denied that freedom in the country of their home. Please remember this simple credo, our black history need not be a black mystery. Please visit my blog for today’s two posts and share them with others.