Dec. 6, 2019

Doris "Dorie" Miller More Than A Pack Mule, A Hero’s Hero

In WW 1 & 2 Black Americans were considered for the most menial of duties in the armed forces. These men were considered incapable of being effective soldiers​, as a matter of fact, ​whites considered black enlisted were considered inferior mentally and cowardly. Well on this day Doris "Dorie" Miller proved those white bigoted officers, soldiers, and sailors wrong. Spend a moment reliving that day when Messman Miller delivered a courageous effort to save his shipmates and commanding officer from harm. He also took down a few of the enemy who may have discounted him as well. Now tell where is this brother's Medal of Honor? Doris “Dorie” Miller’s life ended when he was killed when the battleship Liscome Bay was sunk by a torpedo in 1943. It’s time for the nation to give Doris Miller his just due and award him the Medal of Honor for his heroic act on December 7, 1941. He’s been waiting 78 years for his just reward for his supreme acts of bravery.


07.12.2019 23:42

David Banks

He should have been awarded the medal of bravery. If he was caucasian he would have been had it!