Dec. 6, 2019

Hundreds of Black Deaths in the Red Summer of 1919 “Never Again, Never Forget”

As we end the year 2019 let us not forget the brutality that occurred a century ago to our ancestors in the summer of 1919. Today, I go back in history to read an article written earlier this year by Jessie J. Holland about that savage summer when black Americans woke to the brutality of white mob violence and began to fight back. When black Americans said “never again” long before the Jewish Nation made the same plea after World War 2. Yes, we our black communities are due reparations Red Summer only intensify that goal of payment. So please talk to your children about Red Summer and never let these atrocities be forgotten. They will most likely never be included in any history book they read in school. It is up to us to ensure that our history isn’t whitewashed. You can assured that this blog and my reading project The Blackman Read Aloud Hour will never allow that to occur.