Dec. 1, 2019

December 1, 1955

Many a person will say this particular day in 1955 was the start of the Civil Rights Movement. It was the day that a black woman looked on meek and mild by those who employed her as a seamstress became the warrior that her life in a Jim Crow America had trained her to become. Rosa Parks, who was impacted earlier that summer by the vicious unjust murder of a 14-year-old Emmitt Till in Money, Mississippi. Had been chosen by all that was just to challenge the injustice of a system of segregation that ridiculed, shamed, and threatened black civilians all across the south especially in the city in which she lived Montgomery, Alabama. So on a Wednesday, Rosa Parks boarded a city bus took a seat for justice. When she failed to comply with Montgomery’s city ordinance which required her to give up her seat and move to the back of the bus for white riders. Rosa Parks, now a full fledged warrior for justice was arrested and started a chain of events that eventually lead to the downfall of a horrid system of segregation known as Jim Crow . It also introduced to the nation a 26-year-old southern minister by the name of Martin Luther King Jr., who would become the powerful voice that shifted the evils of white hatred and would move this nation to pass both a civil rights bill as well as a voting rights bill. Yes 64 years ago today Rosa Parks decided to sit down for justice and no matter how you look at that event historically it certainly change not only this nation but also the world. I will read in its entirety Rosa Parks book Reflections from cover to cover have you children listen to the written words of this warrior of justice Rosa Parks.