Nov. 29, 2019


I absolutely love this speech. If we can get our young black brothers to take those killing guns out of their hands and have those hands clutch some hope and faith. How can we get every young black brother and young black sister to listen to this magnificent speech of inner power and self-determination? Because of this speech's content, it demands a comprehensive understanding by those who take the time to listen to Dr. Powell's potent​ words. Take that gun out of your hand, take that glassine pipe from your hand, take that needle from your hand, and place hope in your hands. Don't give up on yourself​ for in you holds the power of our community's future. Yes our community’s goodness, faith, hope, and future it is in your​ hands young brothers you need only realize it. It is strange that our media and entertainment culture will elevate Bumpy Johnson at the expense of Adam Clayton Powell. It will elevate murder over hope but it’s in our hands to change that equation. All of our hands together. We cannot allow our history to be whitewashed by others. Listen on this on Adam Clayton Powell Jr.’s 109th birthday the words of this great Amazing American who refused to be buttoned up by a flagrantly oppressive society. It’s in your hands.