Nov. 28, 2019

Pure Evil Sam Little

“I can go into my world and do what I want to do,” describing neighborhoods around the nation where poverty, drug addiction, and unsolved murders are common. “I won’t go into your world.”

Sam Little
Mass Murderer
Linked Now To Over 90 Murders

The neighborhoods this murderer was discussing are the dark underbelly of American society. Places inhabited by people of color, who are unable to escape the horror and murderous intentions of this coldblooded killer, Sam Little. Now 79 years old, his body riddled with diseases. Sam Little unveils the moral depravations of his ungodly life. Why now? Why did he finally admit to his murderous reign of terror? Well, in the New York Times article it states that the Los Angeles Prison he was serving three life terms got just a little too noisy for him. So this man who gave no peace to any of his victims sought peace in his captivity. They will write books about his mental state of mind, this black man who killed so many people of color. You will most likely see a major motion picture depicting the heinous acts of this human devil.
What kind of country produces this level of pure evil?