Nov. 23, 2019

Maryland's Problem Politicians

"Why does it seem like my home state has the most corruptible public servants in the nation. The motto of Maryland is The Free State but in actuality it should be called the state where those who serve mostly serve themselves. I mean looking back in Maryland's history since the 1970s' you will find multiple acts where our elected politicians performed acts of criminality that lead to criminal prosecution. Let's start with Agnew, former Governor who started taking bribes while serving Maryland and continue taking bribes while serving the nation. Then his predecessor Mandel continue the trek of bribery as Speaker of the House right into the Governor's Mansion in Annapolis. Then we moved into the County Executive office of the second largest county in the state, Prince Georges County, where Johnson and Johnson the couple were caught redhanded with their hands in the till, or in Mrs. Johnson's her hands in her c-cups stuffing illicit funds from public view. Then there is Baltimore where two of the last four mayors had to resign in shame. Dixon, who managed to allow some gift cards to take her down the path of criminality and Pugh, who suckered anyone who was capable of being suckered into buying the same books over and over again. In addition to these major players we have had state delegates and state senators fall by the wayside from criminal acts of greed. My question is this is the state not compensating our elected officials enough so that can evade doing these crimes? Is there something in the Maryland waters that seed corruption? I do know this some of our state politicians want to stuff their pockets with illicit duckets. These state politicians end up doing perp walks with shiny steel lockets and head to federal and state court dockets. Where judges sentence them to federal and state pens so that they can plug their personal televisions into jail cells electric sockets. If you want to be a public servant it doesn't mean you must end up doing time on the public's dime. It also means staying the hell away from public crime. "