Nov. 20, 2019


On November 20, 1898, 121 years ago Rev. Francis J. Grimke of Washington DC spoke to the "gospel truth" to white institutional supremacist power on the black man's total and defiant determination never to give into the struggle. You cannot accommodate your way to first-class citizenship or equality. Nor can you expect to disrupt the status quo without shaking some mighty big oak trees stationed to keep your community locked down and locked out! So why do so many blacks today acquiesce today? Why do so many blacks stay silent in the face of continued cases of injustice? Why do so many blacks not stand against the forces of oppression that offer them scraps rather than a full meal? How we look back at Rev. Grimkeā€™s words and say we honored them? Listen carefully to those words today as we move towards a general election in the next year. Will we as a black community force our political leadership to listen and act on our demands? Or we as a black community acquiescence?