Nov. 19, 2019

Colin Read The Book Did You?

To My Black Community and Stephan A. Smith

For those of us in black communities a little confused about Colin Kaepernick’s position and that includes Stephan Smith. Please go to your neighborhood library (that’s where knowledge is housed) and read Bill Rhoden’s book 40 Million Dollar Slaves. It will provide excellent background material to digest the brilliance of Brother Colin Kaepernick. He not only refused to be sucked in on Saturday to the NFL’s muddled strategy. Colin Kaepernick creates a win-win scenario for every player who seeks to stand as a man not a mouse feed by money. The key to discovering our immense power lies in the knowledge available in books. It’s a damn shame that when the question is asked in a large group of black folks when was the last time you read a nonfiction historical book cover to cover silence invaded the audience. We gotta do better folks. The scene that the NFL setup was nothing more than a form of auction. We are all familiar with auctions in our tragic historical past. Don’t fall for the okie doke black folk.