Nov. 17, 2019


Our communities are in turmoil. Our institutions are in danger of collapsing. It seems that respect and responsibility have taken a back door to confrontation and denial. Last week in a Prince George’s County Public High School (LARGO HS) you couldn’t tell the difference between the adult and the child. As a classroom teacher went full out WWE on a student in front of her entire classroom of students. Of course in this age of digital production the entire scene was played back for the entire DMV and the worldwide net to preview immediately. The sad part is that 2 blacks were involved in the fisticuffs and the classroom of students were black as well. This physical confrontation is an example of the sad state of affairs that illustrates not only the breakdown in respect between teacher and student but also the continued breakdown in our communities between adults and children. There was a time when only the best and brightest of our communities became teachers. Obviously that has changed and now some teachers back into school building so that when they exit at the final bell. They simply back out again because they truly don’t want to do anything face front with pride. Many students go to school only long enough to meet the age requirement before they back out of this failing educational system as well. You have black students leaving schools with an inability to truly read simple text forget about reading complex texts. You have black students unable to solve simple algebraic expressions, simple computation formulas forget about being able to fully understand the complex language needed for today’s technology resources. That is why students disrespect teachers and teachers have little need for some of their students. Could that frustration that is rising up in our classrooms be the reason why Vivian Noirie felt the need to go totally combat on that student last week? Who knows? One thing is certain we have got to do a great deal better or our communities will continue to collapse.


18.11.2019 00:13


The level of disrespect for teachers has reached epic proportions. People tend to forget that teachers are humans too and it only so much abuse one is going to take before they snap

19.11.2019 18:01

Joseph Hall

We must engage as parents and even adults without children in the educational system of our communities. Way too many parents have disengaged from participating in the education of their children.