Nov. 16, 2019

It’s A Game That Colin Kaepernick Should’ve Avoided

Can you imagine a Super Bowl Quarterback having to have a league tryout to prove that he still had the good to compete on the football field? Do you think that currently injured Quarterback for the Washington Redskins Alex Smith who lost his job to a Quarterback now forced to have a tryout will have to prove his ability to play the game? Smith will have been out the league for more than 2 years but I’m sure a team will offer Alex Smith a guaranteed contract without a league-wide tryout. So today’s league-wide tryout for Colin Kaepernick isn’t a win for fair treatment by the NFL. It is simply an opportunity for those teams to have an opportunity to say no without have to have any public ridicule. Colin Kaepernick is definitely one of the best 32 athlete playing the position of quarterback professionally in the world. Yet only 11 of 32 teams will show up in Atlanta today to watch this public spectacle of a black man attempting to prove his worth. Is this no different than the slave auctions in our past history when bucks had to perform before the white masters at human auctions? I wish we still didn’t have to prove our worth to a white system of supremacy but we do. This isn’t a win for justice no matter how you look at it. It is simply another an example of the 40 million dollar slave syndrome that has infected our culture. I wish Colin Kaepernick would’ve said hell no to this public display but voices like Steven A. Smith would have taken him to task for not playing or taking part in this foolishness. Colin Kaepernick simply kneeled against the pervasive conditions of oppression that many blacks face on a daily basis in this nation. He didn’t commit treason or high crimes or misdemeanors that our current president is accused of. Yet,many in our communities see this as a win for justice is it that. Today’s tryout is a continuation of the environment of injustice that blacks collectively have faced for more than four centuries. Another provoked thought for justice. Just don’t show up Colin Kaepernick. Don’t play the game.