Nov. 15, 2019

Why Does An Act On A Football Generate Outrage But Acts Of Injustice Don’t Seem Too

Today my social media timeline has blown up because Myles Garret, defensive end for the Cleveland Browns apparently ripped the helmet off of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph. This incident on a football field tells us just how much misguided our black communities are. I mean I am seeing not only men expressing thoughts calling for some type of public punishment of Myles Garrett but also women calling for Miles Garrett to be punished severely as well. Really? There was no public outcry from these same people about the news that Baltimore City has had 300 or more murders for 5 consecutive years. My timeline didn’t blow up at that news. These mostly black victims will never have a chance to see another football game in their lives. They were murdered in cold blood. We except that as a common occurrence but Myles Garrett needs to be publicly admonished, severely punished, and socially ostracized for pulling a helmet off a football player and swinging it at him. Tuesday night an possibly innocent black man was murdered by the state of Georgia. Ray Cromartie was given a lethal injection although the actual murderer of Richard Slysz, Gary Clark is free and clear. Mr. Cromartie went to the death chamber expressing his innocence with the final words of his life. Yet, my timeline was silent from our black communities voices regarding the fate of Ray Cromartie. However, today it seems that Myles Garrett was a mass murderer guilty of killing in cold blood the dignity of professionalism in the violent game of NFL football. If they were given the opportunity I believe many would call for a public stoning like back in the Middle Ages. How dare Myles Garrett do that during a game, yes a game. Also, my timeline is blowing up because Carmelo Anthony has signed a non guaranteed contract to play for the Portland Trailblazers. Really? Not one post about the miscarriage of justice that saw Ray Cromartie getting the lethal injection. Isn’t Melo over the Hill? Hasn’t Melo earned damn near a quarter of a billion dollars to play a game for fun? What about Ray Cromartie? He took his final shot in his arm a clear miss for a crime he didn’t commit. Yes, our communities are misguided and our priorities are misaligned. When events that happen on the field of play override and over power real time events of humanity and injustice.


16.11.2019 18:54

Ndugu Wezekana

Blacksolute Truth.

19.11.2019 18:04


We have allowed the top 5% of the 1% to disengage the majority of our communities to be more interested in sports than issues. This has to change otherwise we will continue to slip behind in gains.